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  Away Game Home Time (ET) TV   Forecast Extended Forecast Wind  
  Jaguars Jacksonville_6n_120 @ New_england_6n_120 Patriots Final: 31 - 24 Nclear-day 74f Clear Clear. Mostly cloudy overnight. 1m S Details
  Buccaneers Tampa_bay_ntc120 @ Jacksonville_6n_120 Jaguars Final: 12 - 8 ESPN Nclear-day 82f Clear Clear. Rain until evening, starting again overnight. 1m SW Details
  Panthers Carolina_6n_120 @ Jacksonville_6n_120 Jaguars Final: 24 - 23 Nrain 79f Rain Rain. Rain starting in the afternoon, continuing until evening. 2m SE Details
  Jaguars Jacksonville_6n_120 @ Atlanta_ntc120a Falcons Final: 13 - 7 Dome DOME Clear. Light rain overnight. 2m SE Details
  Jaguars Jacksonville_6n_120 @ Houston_6n_120 Texans Final: 29 - 7 CBS Clear-day 80f Clear Clear. Clear throughout the day. 4m NE Details
  Titans Tennessee_ntc120 @ Jacksonville_6n_120 Jaguars Final: 37 - 16 CBS Clear-day 86f Clear Clear. Clear throughout the day. 7m NNE Details
  Ravens Baltimore_ntc120 @ Jacksonville_6n_120 Jaguars Final: 7 - 44 TBD Partly-cloudy-day 70f Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy. Rain overnight. 7m SSE Details
  Jaguars Jacksonville_6n_120 @ New_york_j_white_n120 Jets Final: 20 - 23 CBS Clear-day 64f Clear Clear. Partly cloudy in the morning. 1m N Details
  Jaguars Jacksonville_6n_120 @ Pittsburg_ntc120 Steelers Final: 30 - 9 CBS Partly-cloudy-day 71f Mostly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy. Rain in the morning and afternoon. 4m WSW Details
  Rams Los_angeles_ntc120 @ Jacksonville_6n_120 Jaguars Final: 27 - 17 FOX Partly-cloudy-day 84f Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy. Light rain until afternoon, starting again overnight. 7m ENE Details
  Jaguars Jacksonville_6n_120 @ Indianapolis_6n_120 Colts Final: 27 - 0 CBS Dome DOME Partly Cloudy. Partly cloudy in the afternoon. 5m S Details
  Bengals Cinncinnati_6n_120 @ Jacksonville_6n_120 Jaguars Final: 7 - 23 CBS Partly-cloudy-day 77f Mostly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy. Foggy in the morning. 4m NE Details
  Chargers San_diego_6n_120 @ Jacksonville_6n_120 Jaguars Final: 17 - 20 CBS Rain 75f Drizzle Drizzle. Partly cloudy in the morning. 5m NE Details
  Jaguars Jacksonville_6n_120 @ Cleveland_6n_120 Browns 11/19 01:00 PM CBS Snow 38f Flurries Flurries. Breezy in the morning and overcast throughout the day. 20m WNW Details
  Jaguars Jacksonville_6n_120 @ Arizona_whitetail_ntc120 Cardinals 11/26 04:25 PM CBS Dome DOME Details
  Colts Indianapolis_6n_120 @ Jacksonville_6n_120 Jaguars 12/03 01:00 PM CBS Na Forecast TBD Details
  Seahawks Seattle_6n_120a @ Jacksonville_6n_120 Jaguars 12/10 01:00 PM FOX Na Forecast TBD Details
  Texans Houston_6n_120 @ Jacksonville_6n_120 Jaguars 12/17 01:00 PM CBS Na Forecast TBD Details
  Jaguars Jacksonville_6n_120 @ San_francisco_6n_120 49ers 12/24 04:05 PM CBS Na Forecast TBD Details
  Jaguars Jacksonville_6n_120 @ Tennessee_ntc120 Titans 12/31 01:00 PM CBS Na Forecast TBD Details


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