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  Browns Cleveland_6n_120 @ Greenbay_6n_120 Packers Final: 11 - 17 Npartly-cloudy-day 73f Mostly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy. Drizzle overnight. 3m ENE Detalles
  Falcons Atlanta_ntc120a @ Cleveland_6n_120 Browns Final: 24 - 13 Nclear-day 76f Clear Clear. Light rain in the morning. 2m NNE Detalles
  Browns Cleveland_6n_120 @ Tampa_bay_ntc120 Buccaneers Final: 13 - 30 CBS Npartly-cloudy-night 80f Mostly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy. Rain starting in the afternoon. 3m NE Detalles
  Bears Chicago_ntc120 @ Cleveland_6n_120 Browns Final: 21 - 7 Nclear-night 70f Despejado Clear. Partly cloudy until afternoon. 10m N Detalles
  Browns Cleveland_6n_120 @ Philadelphia_6n_120 Eagles Final: 10 - 29 CBS Clear-day 83f Despejado Clear. Light rain in the morning. 9m NW Detalles
  Ravens Baltimore_ntc120 @ Cleveland_6n_120 Browns Final: 25 - 20 CBS Partly-cloudy-day 75f Parcialmente Nublado Partly Cloudy. Drizzle in the evening. 5m NW Detalles
  Browns Cleveland_6n_120 @ Miami_greenmask_ntc120 Dolphins Final: 24 - 30 CBS Partly-cloudy-day 85f Parcialmente Nublado Partly Cloudy. Rain throughout the day. 7m E Detalles
  Browns Cleveland_6n_120 @ Redskins Redskins Final: 20 - 31 CBS Partly-cloudy-day 70f Mayormente Nublado Mostly Cloudy. Light rain in the morning and overnight. 1m N Detalles
  Patriots New_england_6n_120 @ Cleveland_6n_120 Browns Final: 33 - 13 CBS Partly-cloudy-day 57f Parcialmente Nublado Partly Cloudy. Partly cloudy throughout the day. 9m NW Detalles
  Browns Cleveland_6n_120 @ Tennessee_ntc120 Titans Final: 26 - 28 CBS Partly-cloudy-day 79f Parcialmente Nublado Partly Cloudy. Partly cloudy until evening. 7m S Detalles
  Browns Cleveland_6n_120 @ Cinncinnati_6n_120 Bengals Final: 17 - 31 CBS Clear-day 66f Despejado Clear. Mostly cloudy in the morning. 6m SSW Detalles
  Jets New_york_j_white_n120 @ Cleveland_6n_120 Browns Final: 31 - 28 CBS Partly-cloudy-day 54f Mayormente Nublado Mostly Cloudy. Rain until afternoon. 9m N Detalles
  Cowboys Dallas_6n120 @ Cleveland_6n_120 Browns Final: 35 - 10 FOX Clear-day 56f Despejado Clear. Clear throughout the day. 2m NW Detalles
  Browns Cleveland_6n_120 @ Baltimore_ntc120 Ravens Final: 7 - 28 NFLN Nclear-night 52f Despejado Clear. Partly cloudy in the afternoon. 1m SW Detalles
  Steelers Pittsburg_ntc120 @ Cleveland_6n_120 Browns Final: 24 - 9 CBS Cloudy 35f Nublado Overcast. Drizzle in the morning. 16m WNW Detalles
  Giants New_york_g_6n__120 @ Cleveland_6n_120 Browns Final: 27 - 13 FOX Clear-day 46f Despejado Clear. Mostly cloudy in the morning. 10m SSW Detalles
  Bengals Cinncinnati_6n_120 @ Cleveland_6n_120 Browns Final: 23 - 10 CBS Snow 28f Nevadas Ligeras Light Snow. Snow (3–7 in.) throughout the day. 13m SSE Detalles
  Browns Cleveland_6n_120 @ Buffalo_red_ntc120 Bills Final: 13 - 33 CBS Partly-cloudy-day 25f Mayormente Nublado Mostly Cloudy. Snow (1–2 in.) in the morning. 12m WNW Detalles
  Chargers San_diego_6n_120 @ Cleveland_6n_120 Browns Final: 17 - 20 CBS Partly-cloudy-day 37f Mayormente Nublado Mostly Cloudy. Light rain in the morning. 10m W Detalles
  Browns Cleveland_6n_120 @ Pittsburg_ntc120 Steelers Final: 24 - 27 CBS Clear-day 38f Despejado Clear. Mostly cloudy throughout the day. 1m SW Detalles


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