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03-29-2014 20:00

Northwestern Football Union Decision Should Mark The End Of The Student-Athlete

Football players who receive grant-in-aid scholarships are employees, according to a Decision and Direction of Election filed today by a regional section of the National Labor Relations Board.

More details here.

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12-13-2013 16:00

Betting on The Battle of Lake Superior: Chicago Bears vs. Cleveland Browns

Guest post by J.D. at The Inside Slant

The perception when looking at the Bears vs Browns match up is to bet the under. Then when you factor the wind, temperature and chance of snow. The under looks even better. When you look back to last week, those weather conditions really didn't matter in a few of those games. But after the smoke had cleared and people were licking their betting under wounds that day, A member on our site made a good point.

Snow on the field really helps the offense. His point was simple when you think about it. The player on offense knows where he is going. But the player on defense doesn't and has to react. If you go back to some of those bad weather games last week. There was a ton of missed tackles. Most of them were from guys trying to react and losing their footing.

One of those games that went over was the Lions at the Eagles. Had the weather been perfect, most people would have never bet the under. But, when they heard about the weather and seen the high number the total was set at, they figured it was a slam dunk win.

Over the years the Bears had a decent defense and the Browns were looked at as having a bad offense. So based on perception you would think the under is the play. I'm not writing this to tell anybody what to play or trying to talk them out of a play. My point is that you need to look at more numbers and not just perception.

Let's look at the Bears, 9-4 over on the season.
The total has gone OVER in 10 of Chicago's last 13 games on the road
Average points scored = 28.3 per game
Average points allowed = 27.7 per game

Now let’s review the Browns, 7-6 over on the year.
The total has gone OVER in 4 of Cleveland's last 6 games
Average points scored = 19.8 per game
Average points allowed = 24.9 per game

As the game gets closer, keep an eye on the weather and if snow looks possible, the line should start to drift down.
If you like the over, then wait it out for the best possible line. Now if you like the under, you might want to jump on the line asap.

Keep tabs on this games weather right here at

If you bet on sports and if your looking for free newsletters and service plays, then join us over at The Inside Slant and can give you that winning edge.

Thanks and good luck this weekend. J.D.

J.D. at The Inside Slant

10-26-2013 12:00

Betting on this year’s Super Bowl

The excitement of most sporting leagues culminates in some sort of grand championship to determine which team is at the top of their game. For the National Football League, this event is the Super Bowl. So important is this event it has become a holiday of sorts within the United States as well as for football fans around the world. Additionally, it is also the focus of many different sports bets.

Sports bets make it possible for fans to win some many while enjoy football. Futures betting exists right now for who bettors believe will win the Super Bowl. Some teams have already been singled out as long shots when reading the odds posted by sportsbook. The Jacksonville Jaguars currently have odds established at 5000 to 1. While the team taking home the Lombardi Trophy is quite rare given the odds, should it happen, some lucky bettor could win $5000 on a $1 bet.

A primary consideration for this year's Superbowl is weather. Unlike the tropical escapes to Miami or the Rose Bowl, this year we will see some old fashioned AFL / NFL style football as the game will be played in New York, outside, in the dead of winter. Frankly, true football fans will enjoy this just as hockey fans have rapidly grown to love the outdoor NHL classic each season. Let's play next year's Superbowl at Lambeau Field in Green Bay!

Many online casinos offer football related slot machines which provide another way fans can win big with their sport. One online casino game is 5 Million Dollar Touchdown. This game is unique in that it provides fans with the chance to win two different jackpots. The largest of these is of course the title amount of $5 million. To be eligible for this, players must bet the overall maximum amount for each spin which is $200. The reels must have five scatter symbols on one of the pay lines. The second jackpot is smaller but occurs more frequently. This one is worth $15,000 and doesn’t require all pay lines to be activated. Players can trigger this jackpot betting a penny on one pay line. What must occur is five wild symbols have to show on the activated lines. Of course, wagering on more lines increases the probability of a winning occurring. But if you're placing the long bet, you might want to consult your Farmer's Almanac for New York. Who can honestly say when the next Hurricane Sandy will hit. You might also check the historical weather database for late season weather and results for the New York / New Jersey area.


This post published by Tom Shannon.

Coming from Sheffield, Tom’s hobbies include writing and recording music, and creating video games. He also runs events to do with video games where people come to watch tournaments. Tom is currently studying in his final year at university.

The NFLW Team

10-16-2013 12:00

5 Things You Will Need to Survive Any Football Weather

It’s fall, and you know what that means: it’s football season. Attending the games and cheering on your favorite teams is a great American tradition. Who doesn’t love yelling at the refs and participating in a stadium wave?

But, with football season comes football weather. That means cool fall days and cold winter nights. Die-hard football fans have to be prepared for any type of weather from rain to snow. Here are five things you will need to survive any football game this season—because staying home is not an option.

1. Team Blankets
Nothing says football fan like a large blanket in your team’s colors. Around mid-October, the days become shorter and colder, but the football games are just getting into full-swing. Instead of staying home and catching the game on the tube, come prepared for cold or inclement weather with a warm team blanket. These are perfect for adding a layer between you and the cold bleachers or snuggling together with your crew during time outs. Nothing like showing your team spirit while staying warm to get your head in the game.

2. Logoed Layers
The key to staying comfortable during football games is to prepare for variations in temperatures. Though you may be warm in your Dolphins jersey during late-afternoon tailgating, when the sun goes down, those bleachers can get cold, and you’ll wish you had something a little more protective. So, layer up. It is a great excuse to buy more of your favorite team’s fan gear in the name of comfort and necessity.
Check out your team website or local sporting goods store, and pick up logoed tees and sweatshirts. Jeans paired with a long-sleeved shirt, a team hoodie, and a winter vest (in team colors, of course) will keep you warm and comfortable for even the longest winter season.

3. Bleacher Chairs
Bleachers are no doubt uncomfortable. And while you may be saying that you plan to stand for the entire 3 hours of the game, your feet may be singing a different tune come halftime. Instead of sitting on freezing metal bleachers during breaks and time-outs, bring along a cushioned bleacher seat.
These chairs come in team colors with the logos emblazoned on the seat back—letting you support your team while you support your back. On cold fall days or brisk winter nights, having a seat between you and the bleachers is a welcome amenity.

4. Head Gear
Come rain or snow, keeping your head protected is not only important for your players, but for you as well. You lose the majority of your body heat through your head, so be sure to cover up with a warm beanie or ear muffs.
For rainy weather, wear a poncho or rain jacket with a hood. This will prevent your head from getting wet, causing you to sit through an entire game feeling like a cold, drowned rat. Keep dry, and you will keep warm.

5. Team Spirit
Nothing keeps you warm like positive team spirit. Show up decked out in your favorite fan gear, from the Miami Dolphins to the Jacksonville Jaguars, and don’t be afraid to get a little rowdy and passionate. Join in the wave, jump in excitement at a touchdown, and pump your fists at bad calls. Keeping your head in the game will keep your body warm and your spirits high.

Football games are full of energy, excitement, and good old-fashioned fun. But if you aren’t prepared for the accompanying weather, your next game could be a washout. Follow these tips so you aren’t caught unprepared and left out in the cold while you cheer on your team.

Author Byline:
Georgiah Cook has a passion for finance and accounting and enjoys writing about many topics, including business, education, and of course, football. A die-hard football fan, she is always first in line to grab her Atlanta Falcons tickets and cheer her boys to victory.

Georgiah Cook

08-26-2013 12:00

Farmers’ Almanac Is Predicting A C-O-L-D Super Bowl

Farmer's Almanac is predicting a cold superbowl this year.

You can read more here.

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04-16-2013 09:00

Patriots Day

The NFLW Team

01-12-2013 08:00

NFLWeather welcomes Planet Steelers

NFLWeather would like to welcome Planet Steelers: "Because Steeler country just isn't big enough" to the NFLWeather partner community.

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01-11-2013 08:00

NFLWeather App for iOS

Just in time for the big playoff games, the NFLWeather™ app for iOS is now available on Apple's AppStore. While the iOS version may have taken a few months longer than the Android App, we believe that the NFLWeather™ app is now the easiest way to get the NFL schedule, game times, scores and weather forecasts on both the iPhone and iPad. With NFLWeather™, you open the app to view all this info on a single screen.

NFLWeather™ for iOS provides accurate forecasts for the specific location of each stadium, not just the city in which a game is played. Use NFLW™ to place bets, pick fantasy football starters or receive accurate info before attending a game.

Finally, a special thank you to Unwired Nation™, our mobile app development partner for making this possible.

Get NFLWeather™ for iphone & iPad

Get NFLWeather™ for Android

thank you,

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PS - Looks like snow in Denver

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12-29-2012 14:00

Foxboro Freeeze to Slow Down Dolphins and Patriots

Read the complete article at the Miami Dolphin Blog - by Bitchin Dave.

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12-23-2012 14:30

Colin Kaepernick & Russell Wilson battle weather for the NFC West

Read all about it in

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